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I have many stories fanfiction or not. These are the ones i'm currently working on.


What I am working on:


I Don't Want to Leave- The story about the loss of Yugi and the rebirth of love.

Children of the Gods-One night, something strange happens in the Kame gameshop. Three young girls begin following Yugi around. they came to learn from their fathers' master. Will their arrival signal the truth about Yugi and Yami coming out?

Yugi in Fangirlland- Yugi ends up in New York with a motherly fangirl and her friends. Are they more than they seem?

Horus Reborn:To Be One Again- First in the Horus reborn series.One day Yugi ends up in the hospital in a coma. Yugi is different when he returns. Could Yami have something to do with it?

Not So Innocent Blood-My first Vampire Knight story. A young girl finds out that she isn't really human. But does that mean she's not a good person?

Yu-gi-oh: Alternate Endings- A collection of shots of how I think certain scenes should end.

First set: Series end set- Set of five shots of how I think the series should of ended

Is This Really Love?- My first Detective Conan story. Conan is kidnapped, drugged and used. When he returns, he's lost his memories. What's Ai to do when his first memory is her love confession. Ai x Conan planned.

Shadow Awakenings- A three-shot involving Yugi meeting my OCs.

Beauty and the Teach- Yami meets a beautiful young student. There is only one problem, her brother Yugi. Not the actually summary, will put it later.

Pharaoh's Guard, Bodyguard-The story of two teenage boys and their ancient past.

Online Stories

Devil Children (working title)- The story of Misha and the master she created. Not a good summary, but once I get a better feel for what I'm going to do I'll fix it.(Hiatus)

Original Stories

Dragon Slayer's World- A collection of short stories about Kain and the dragons he meets that change his view on the world.

Forgotten Life:Dragon Royalty Book 1-A young couple find a young child alone and crying in the park. They eventual adopt the young girl and raise her. But there is a secret none of them know that will put their lives in danger.